Wednesday, February 25, 2015

on the train returning from a day in the city

This lady noticed me drawing her and pretended not to notice while I pretended not to be glancing at her and drawing her in my sketchbook. How could I resist her? She was so splendidly dressed and put together even after a long day in the city. (Which I heard all about as she called various people on her cell phone during the ride home).
As we were approaching our station she turned to me and brightly remarked that she "admires people who can just draw effortlessly like that".  Ah, so she did know I was drawing her. She then wanted to tell me about her two talented children who are able to "draw just so well and perfectly".  I congratulated her on the brilliance and talents of her children and that was payment enough for her modeling grace.
How about that cheetah print handbag, love it.