Saturday, February 28, 2015

the long downward trajectory of winter

As I was driving errands on a cold day  I saw this winter hardy goose standing in a resolute pose by the side of the road.
I write the most depressing posts in the winter. Every year I ask myself why do I live in the Chicago area when I hate cold weather so much? Why?
Well, I know the answer. I do it for love. Love of my family, no better reason.
I began the month of January with a show of courage and hope. This year, winter will  not get me down. Mid-January I am still feeling okay, I can do this, I'm coping with the snow and ice.
A month later, mid-February, all the bravery and fortitude is gone. Used up. I can't take another below zero day. This year, no relieving visit to Florida either.
February is almost over and it has been a long hunched-shoulders head down slow slog.
Complaining does not change a thing, we look forward to spring and know that the struggle to get there will make it all lovelier.