Monday, January 8, 2018

catching a wave

My sketchbook blog has suffered from lack of attention. Since September of last year I seem to have wandered away. The death of my mother-in-law and the births of two more grandchildren all seem to be life altering events that tore me away from this posting. However I never stopped sketching so I finally scanned a bunch of stuff from my sketchbooks and am going to share a lot in the next days.

 We spent a few absolutely lovely days with family in Florida for Christmas. Anyone who knows me well knows I do not love cold winter weather. I have been known to say I would not be sad if I never see another snowflake. Especially not sad if I never shovel snow again from our mile long driveway.

Here's my newest sketch from days leading up to Christmas spent sitting on a beach with watercolor sketchbook trying to catch the elusive wave. I painted this appropriately on the longest day of the year, the winter Solstice. I found out while visiting that part of Florida that they get one and a half more hours of sunlight every day than where I live in Chicagoland! That explains a lot.