Tuesday, January 9, 2018


It is for moments like this that art is made. That's my original quote.

I'm going to make the next few days show nothing but peaceful moments preserved from my sketchbook. My days on a beach in Florida watching the waves break on the shore. Holding my watercolor book on my knees, dipping water from the Gulf coast, and mixing tints and tones in my little travel watercolor box. Trying to catch that elusive moment when the colors of the wave change from various blues, purple, indigo, turquoise, to that sunlit pale green just before the wave curls and breaks. Watching for the moment the foamy sparkle is just at it's height and trying to observe fast, really fast where it all happens.
I could consult a variety of photographs for this wave information but I prefer the experience of observing over and over striving to catch the moment with brush on paper.