Saturday, July 25, 2020

Hearts unfold

I titled this one "Hearts unfold" although that is not what I wrote on this little sketch. I must have changed my mind as I developed my ideas.
I painted the flowers first, enjoying the line and movement captured in my lively ink drawing. Line, shape, design and the play of background shapes, positive and negative were my main focus.
When the flowers and leaf shapes were finished, instead of blending pink orange and red into the background I went for a bolder almost flat statement in red. I was very happy with the finish, almost a silhouette statement, or an oriental type flat design.

Here are two photos from the One of a Kind Art show in Chicago from 2009.
I sold this painting shortly afterward and have not seen it since. I believe that the owner lives in Florida and has quite a large art collection.
Three of the finished sunflower series can be seen here. Each are acrylic on canvas 30x40 framed in a floating canvas matte black wood frame.