Friday, July 31, 2020

You paint sunflowers just like Van Gogh!

I get that frequently. And really it is a compliment! Someone is giving me the best sort of comparison they can think of and I appreciate the attention and the kindness from the viewer. I greatly admire all the work of Vincent Van Gogh, I could write another whole blog post about his paintings that I have studied for years. I have gone to many museums just to view his brushwork and passionate images up close.
I don't think I paint just like Vincent Van Gogh and although his painting is amazing I don't think he has the last word to say on the subject of sunflowers. I like to think I have a few more ideas to share.
This painting was made on commission, and yes I will gladly take on a private commission. It was also painted in oils, and it's even larger than the others of the previous series. It is 36x48 oil on canvas and is displayed above the piano in the collector's home.This collector is an accomplished musician and composer as well.
Another interesting part of this story is that the lovely person who commissioned this work wanted to make sure that I had a lot of freshly picked sunflowers to model for my painting. She had a cousin living nearby who had huge sunflowers growing in her garden and a bucket full were delivered to my door.
I had an art show of my work in 2014 at St Marks Episcopal church in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. This painting had a lovely spot to display.