Monday, July 20, 2020

“How long did it take you to make that painting”?

Why do we take the time?
To make value studies and color sketches?
As I teach about the art process to young people, I must constantly explain about the need to plan, to sketch and make studies ahead of the finish.
And also that they must slow down,
take their time and not rush to get the final project done.
I have often watched a student prepare a fairly nice watercolor wash and then ruin it with a hasty blobby brushstroke, just because they wanted to finish fast.
Here are my color studies of the sunflower series that I am working on now.
November 2009 

The link above is to a post that I wrote back in 2009. Here are the preliminary color studies (using colored pencil) that I made back in 2009 of a series of sunflower paintings that I had planned.

So the answer to that question posted above?
Apparently about 11 years!
The finished painting shown at the top of this post is the final one in the series and yes, I did start it 11 years ago. Finished art oil on canvas 30x40. It is the finalization of the sketch above titled "joyful1".  I will show all the sunflowers in this series in another post. I have two of these paintings hanging in my home, still for sale, the other three are sold and in appreciative collector's homes.