Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Opening to the sun above

Janice Skivington 2020 Opening to the Sun Above
This is the last painting which I only finished a month ago, 11 years after the start of the series. (See this post)  I painted this one with oils, the only one of the series.  30" by 40" oil on canvas
And this is because I am now, 11 years later, using oils primarily and finding myself completely fascinated with the medium. I don't know if anyone can tell a difference between the medium I used from one to another, but I am committed to the luminosity of oils now.
Here is the original sketch idea from so long ago.
This painting is also promised to a collector. I need to let it cure for a while and use some damar retouch varnish on it. Another learning curve for me with oil paints is how to overcome deep colors sinking and how to varnish.

Here is my photo of it resting on a bookcase, I am using my iphone as a camera these days. And here are a couple of closeups with a pretty fair color catch.