Monday, April 27, 2009

All the other tourists

While sitting in the Musee de l'Orangerie on comfortable benches placed just for optimal viewing.
These are fast gestural sketches of the parade of people who stood in front of me and provided a constant source of amusement and very natural live models. 

If you want to see these pages larger- just click on the art and it will appear in  large pixel glory, and fill up your screen.


sylvia said...

In the second box of sketches, the gentleman standing with arms behind his back...when I enlarged it to see the details, I think I'm in love with this man! You captured him in mid-leer it would seem, he definitely has a hint of mischief in those eyes! Sylvia

janice skivington said...

Actually, Sylvia, he is smiling!
someone is taking his picture so he is giving them that "smirk" when someone is saying "smile, honey! I have to get you in this picture"
You know that moment.
I remember that when I was drawing him.
I wish you had been there with me.

Red said...

I love people watching. :) Your trip sounds like a lot of fun.