Sunday, April 19, 2009

I was a free ... in Paris

I was a free spirit in Paris!
In the words of Joni Mitchell , 

"I was a free man in Paris

I felt unfettered and alive

There was nobody calling me up for favors

And no one's future to decide

You know I'd go back there tomorrow

But for the work I've taken on
If l had my way

I'd just walk through those doors

And wander
down the Champs Elysees
Going cafe to cabaret..."
A wonderful gift of travel to Paris in March and my sketchbook  is nearly full.
I have lots of sketches to share in the next days.
This drawing I made while sitting in a cafe on Boulevard St-Germain while sipping a teeny cup of strong coffee.
I thought I asked for it "american style" but it did not resemble my usual mug.
Good caffeine jolt, but expensive.  So I got out my sketchbook and tried to make it last.
You can see the entrance to the Metro here and enjoy watching the bustle of street life.