Monday, April 13, 2009

In the Beginning, God Created...

And this is how I illustrated that incredible statement. 
In the Anglican tradition the Easter Vigil service is the most exciting and dramatic celebration of the year. The Vigil begins in the dark with the lighting of the new Pascal Candle. Then, Scripture readings and music retell the story of The Bible and salvation. The banners were raised one by one with the reading from each verse from the first chapter of Genesis. 
 I love the part where it says "And God saw that it was good."   "And there was evening and there was morning, the first Day".  It reminds me of (my favorite books) the C. S. Lewis Narnia series, in The Magician's Nephew where Aslan is creating Narnia by singing the stars and trees and creatures into being.
 After the readings, and a sermon, and baptisms, and Communion, the Alleluia! is shouted and sung and a sheer scrim with Alleluia! sewn beautifully by another artist was lowered in front of my banners. It was a joyous celebration and all the art and flowers continued into the Sunday morning services.
My photo above was taken at the end of the Saturday night service.
These are close ups that I managed to get on Sunday morning before we took it all down.

You can't see the whale in these photos, it is covered by the letter a at the end. An unexpected bit of humor came when the fifth banner was raised with all the birds and fish. The whale is stylized and cartoony cute but I didn't expect a huge laugh to occur in the congregation at that moment. A public laugh at my art, how funny!  I loved it.


Helen Read said...

Janice, how breathtaking! I love these! :) And I can imagine how lovely a part they played in the Easter services. stunning.

Unknown said...

Great backdrop! The cartoon look to the animals seems to be at odds with the angular "Alleluia" script - but in a GOOD way. I think they help balance each other out and create a unique look.

Teri J. said...

Love seeing the process. I just hate it that I can't see the whale.

janice skivington said...

You are right about the cartoon look to the animals. I wasn't happy about that myself.
And some of the final look to the painting was not how I had originally designed it. I had to give up some of my "artistic control" as I accepted needed help from volunteers who jumped in and helped me finish.
The over all effect was joyous and a celebration of the Resurrection!
thanks for visiting and commenting!

At A Hen's Pace said...


These are beautiful!! I heard about them from folks who were there. What a visual celebration!!