Saturday, April 18, 2009

Man in Paris

I don't think this gentleman knew I was sketching him. I tried to be sneaky and look at the street scene most of the time. 


sylvia said...

I went back over prior postings. I can't recall all my comments [the ones you never received] but I do like this particular sketch enormously! I've made up an entire story in my head about who he is and what he was thinking. He seems to be so satisfied, maybe just a little smug? What was your feeling when you sketched him. Sylvia

janice skivington said...

Sylvia, I don't have any idea what that man was thinking. As I said I was trying not to attract his attention lest he come over and check out my sketches(and maybe he would be annoyed with me).
We will have to invent our own romantic french story about this.