Saturday, February 27, 2010

boy catches girl

Of course, the boy is quick and catches the closest girl. All the rest of the star girls fly back into the night sky.
"So it was you who took my father's potatoes," he says, but then immediately falls in love as she gazes back into his eyes.
He takes her home and asks his parents if she can be his wife.
They agree, she is so beautiful, and they try to make her feel at home and welcome.
The mother gives her earth clothes and hides away the shining star dress.
Even though the young man loves her with all his heart, she is very sad and begins to die in the earthy home where she does not belong.
I created small black and white icon drawings to repeat throughout the book of Inca images such as llamas, potatoes, jaguar, and guinea pigs. The Andean people eat the guinea pigs they keep in the home, so I put them in a corner.