Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Girl from the Sky

Returning to the love story that I began after Valentine's Day, ( after all, it is still February). This folktale originated with the Inca people of South America.
I researched the setting and placed it in Bolivia.
It is a story of love found and lost, about a boy and a girl whose different worlds keep them apart.

I painted this art especially for the endpages. It is a stylized rendering of a Bolivian alpaca or llama wool blanket. I also created a border to repeat on all the pages and to unify my images. The border is a dark textured brown, intended to look earthy and potato colored (the story is about potatoes too).

The Girl from the Sky was published by Children's Press, which is no longer in Chicago. The book is not in print any more either, as this fine company was sold and moved and merged into a mega corporation somewhere else.