Wednesday, February 17, 2010

year of the tiger

This has been an eventful week.
A whole lot of celebrating.
Sunday was both Valentines Day, and Chinese New Years.
I remember Chinese New Year days from my childhood in the Philippines as non-stop firecracker noise festival. I still shudder and startle at the memory.
And then we had Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras yesterday and today, in stark contrast is Ash Wednesday.
So today I post in honor of the Year of the Tiger.
Next, Valentines, and a love story that I illustrated, followed by Lent, my favorite time of year.
And I will explain why.

This image is titled "Foreverland" and I created it using Corel Painter and my Wacom tablet.


Unknown said...

This is beautiful. Nice job with painter, I wouldn't have guessed it was digital.

janice skivington said...

Thank you, Jeremy. I really appreciate your visit and comments. I have worked with painter quite a bit, this was actually a promotional piece and one of my first efforts. The problem I continue to have with Painter is the color settings. In painter I end up over-saturating the reds and since I need to send the completed file to my clients as a cmyk in photoshop, I have to adjust the color settings. Sometimes I am not sure if I got it right until the client sends me a final printed sample.

Gabi said...

I too am amazed this picture is digital. It's really great, Janice!