Monday, February 8, 2010

I called the game

Yes, true story. I called the Super Bowl.
I am the guest who never pays much attention, talks at the wrong moment, and has to be shushed. I just show up at the big game party for the food and fun company.
I always bring my sketching gear, sometimes a freelance job when I have to work on pencils due the next day.
I am just not a sports fan, even less interested in football.
Last night when I arrived at the latest greatest party I was given a slip of paper and told to write my prediction for the final score. I asked "How do they score football? is 100 a good score?"
No one helped me with that, they just groaned.
So I thought well, it would be nice if the Saints won.
And I have been to New Orleans and liked it a lot.
I wrote down, Saints 30 and Colts 18.
I won the prize- a pair of movie tickets.
I am showing an old sketch I did way back, when we lived in South Bend and went to a Notre Dame game. That was the last time I paid much attention.