Sunday, October 28, 2012

Guapo and his family

One more story about the friendly dog named Guapo.  (By now we have all guessed that his family is hispanic?)
These illustrations turned out so well that I have used them for my self-promotion, and on the home page of my website currently.

Guapo and his family are enjoying a day at the beach and it might appear that they live in Southern California, a place which is familiar to me since I went to college there.

Elena and Guapo splashing in the waves, with the rest of the family all at the beach. Here is a process bit, my pencil drawing scan for the digital art finish.

The big surprise in the end of the story is when they spot whales!
Notice what Guapo, that silly dog is doing? Smashing the sand-castle and getting his fur absolutely messy.