Thursday, October 25, 2012

process of writing, drawing, and painting the story

Here is a little bit about the process for those who are interested. I used Photoshop to produce all digital final art for the Wild Animal Baby series. The first step in the final art is the line art which I draw on vellum paper with a soft pencil. I scan this line art into my computer and use it as the first layer under my digital painting. The actual "painting" is done with a tablet and stylus and a collection of Photoshop brushes. The benefit of this process is that I can make corrections in the composition and drawing at this stage which I could not do if this was a traditional type watercolor. 
I wrote these stories all at the same time with an eye to the flow through the seasons and to include previous story lines and characters. So here at the picnic, the two girls from an earlier series, and the brother and sister with their pony, "Copper" who will be in the next series. As I wrote out my story ideas I created a story board of each with my art and words. I had the goat farm planned out so that I could show different scenes throughout the stories. Here is the farmhouse with a huge tree that is far in the background in the first story. The red truck is important to another story in the series. I added that story thinking of my youngest son and how interested he would be in a story where the characters are driving about in a truck!