Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wild Animal Baby

The first set of stories with WAB for National Wildlife Federation was a story about a boy and his cat, Stripe. 

A small problem with the story was that our boy could not be "out and about" with his cat unless his parents were also present, (because he is too young to be out alone) and the cat had to be on a leash. A cat walking outside on a leash?  Apparently there are laws about cats and leashes but who can get a cat to comply? Here is a page from the December issue where the interesting lesson was about looking for footprints of wild animals in the snow. That was fun.

My next set of stories had a funny dog by the name of Guapo as the title character. Guapo lives with a little girl and her large family.
Here he is in a classic "wanna play?" pose.
And here is my first page with the family at dinner.
Guapo and his little girl, Elena have many adventures, these two illustrations are from the May issue where they are helping in the community garden. A colony of "wild' ants is the nature discovery.