Saturday, October 13, 2012

the light changed

The light changed, the temperature dropped, and it began to rain this morning. I had left my easel out in the yard last night, thinking the rain would hold off, and I could get some painting done with the morning sunlight from the east. To my dismay the pallet was wet, but then, not too wet, and oils were still gooey so I spent an hour working on my composition, making notes that were mostly dark, since that was all that I could see. When the sun reappears later this week, I will get set up again. I am optimistic that we will have a series of brilliant fall days yet.
The dominant object in my composition is the small bright dogwood tree. Behind it is a ginko tree that we planted just a year or so ago. It has the most melted hot buttery yellow leaves right now. In the photo left it can't be seen but I am making it a bit taller and moving it to the left more so that I can feature it too. I think I will not show the neighbor's garage.