Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More stories for chidren

I discovered that I really like writing for very young children. The format of six pages and ten sentences is so much fun to work with.  I have always tried to make my art as much a part of my storytelling as the words on the page. (I have also illustrated several wordless storybooks for Childrens Press.) I always like to show more details and bits of the story not said in words. Perhaps including details that show what might happen on the next page. It is a pleasure to think that a child too young to read could enjoy the story just by following the clues.
Here is the title page for my second story in the series which I both wrote and illustrated. This issue came out in March so I planned a very green Spring-like color scheme. I took reference photos of a three year old boy running about with a puppy. I also visited a nearby children's zoo for observation of goats.