Sunday, January 3, 2016

It was...a very good year

It was a very good year....for some things in life but not so great for other things.
It was a very very good year for new babies.

We welcomed two more grandchildren into our lives. I was able to personally welcome them, being present at the two births, two weeks apart. What a crazy wonderful time.

It was a good year for travel. Watch this space in weeks to come as I go through my 2015 travelogue.

It was a good year for family and close connections. It's always  a good time for that.
It was a sad year when my Mother passed but with all the love she gave us we have gained more understanding for each other.
Several things I am hoping for in the New Year:
1. More love
2. More travel (to someplace warm this winter?)
3. More babies (?) (One more at least)
4. More drawing
5. More time to paint