Thursday, January 14, 2016

learned something new

This is the beginning of a series of posts and sketches from a trip to Washington DC. My first visit to the nation's capital happened last summer and I continue to be impressed with all the new things I learned.

I learned about the National Gallery of Art.
It is too much of an understatement to say I was impressed. Amazed, agog, astonished and overwhelmed. We had a hotel that was only blocks away. I went three times in four days.
(sketch from National Gallery of Art)

I also learned a number of things that I had not known about our United States government.  I did not grow up in the United States. My parents were missionaries in the Philippines  and I spent all my childhood there. I should not blame my education in high school, as it is mostly my own fault, but my knowledge of US history and facts is blurry.

I felt an odd sensation as we toured about the capital, walked around the outskirts of the White House and took tourist photos.
The odd sensation was of pride for my citizenship. I had not been as aware of my birth and nationality as I was while in the nation's capital. I learned that I was glad and proud to be an American.

I learned about the United States Senate, and the historical building where the big stuff happens.I went with a group to tour the Senate building and watch from the visitor's gallery as the Senators did their thing.
I also attended a lecture from David Brooks, a respected columnist from the New York Times. (sketched him while he was talking)