Saturday, February 6, 2021

bitter cold and snowing

I do not like winter and since I live all year long in a northern midwestern climate I often feel trapped indoors.
Here in West Chicago, Illinois we are currently tracking temperatures that hover near zero. (Fahrenheit)
I do love looking out the window of my cozy warm house at the winter landscape.
I love the snow covered trees, the long blue shadows in the afternoon sun, and the different colors in the snow. You have to sit and stare a while to realize all the colors that are out there in a frozen white desolation. 

This painting happened fast, what is called “alla prima” or one session work. I woke up to a fresh cold morning, new snowfall, and the last waning orb of a full moon. I love seeing the moon in any setting but shining against the winter blue sky with snow covered branches captivated me. I had to stand in front of a window and work with purpose rapidly to catch that light and sky.