Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Day 7

 I will never run out of ideas for things to paint for this 30 day challenge! Everywhere I look there are new views, new compositions from everyday objects.

Day 7 Painting a Day challenge was a bust, I spent the day doing housework, laundry, and welcoming guests for the weekend. My three daughters came over for dinner, two of them to stay the night and have a cozy weekend. On day 8 I painted two portraits of my older daughter nursing her four month old baby. 
I have a brand new cute little portable easel, (not as cute as the baby) the brand is Cup Easel. I brought it out to the living room to be able to paint while everyone enjoyed sitting around.

Because I didn't make any paintings today I am posting a sequence of photos of myself with my grandson. I spent as much time cuddling his chubby sweet self and kissing those fat cheeks as I did making art. Here I am holding him and he seems very interested in my painting.