Thursday, February 11, 2021


admire the plein aire painters who get outdoors and paint those lovely snow scenes. Landscapes in the winter fascinate me. But going outdoors to paint in the winter? 
I. Just. Can’t. Do. It. The cold absolutely frightens me. I had a personal trauma episode just watching that movie Fargo. Too much shivering!  I also don’t believe the wisdom of “no bad weather, just bad clothes”, because more and better outerwear doesn’t help, it just makes it hard to move or breathe. I grew up in the Philippines, I’m a tropical person. 
However I painted this snowy scene from one of the windows in my house. Early morning, fresh snow, bright blue cold sky and the remnants of the waning full moon behind the bare trees. 
So no suffering and shivering involved, just got stiff legs from concentrating and standing on a chair to get it all in one fresh session. Alla prima or premier coup painting of a scene from life impression.