Thursday, March 11, 2021

learning to listen and painting number 17

Learn how to listen as things speak for themselves. 

Matsuo Basho (famous poet of the Edo period in Japan.)

A lonely onion painting as part of my ongoing painting a day project as I continue in my online premier coup oil painting class with Duane Keiser.
I have learned so much but sorry to say I have not reached the goal of painting 30 small daily works in 30 days. I think I will get to number 18 in 30 days but then I will keep going.
This is a smaller work, 6x8 on linen board. I decided to do smaller single subjects for a while in order to work a little faster toward my goal. And then of course, I get fascinated by the little universe inside one small vegetable. A universe speaking from inside a small thing.