Monday, March 8, 2021

Painting a Day number 14, a Turkish bowl

I don't know which day of 30 days of challenge this is, they are all blending together in a blur. Everything I see, everywhere I look I am seeing potential paintings. My bowl of yogurt, my cup of tea, the birds at the bird feeder, the snow drifts in the sun and shadow outdoors, are all composing themselves into potential paintings. I see the whole world as one big canvas right now. 

This painting is titled "The Turkish Bowl". My parents went to Turkey on a grand tour and this was a gift they brought back. I love the cobalt blue color with the red strip. The inside of the bowl is painted with an intricate design and the bottom is signed with a name and it says handmade in a script that I can't read.

I kept seeing this in my  mind's eye filled with lemons.  But since I had just painted the lemons and limes, I looked around the kitchen and decided to arrange clementines instead. I must have gone through a dozen different arrangements. In the end I put a lemon in there too because I like the color yellow with blue. Also I have painted more horizontal still life compositions lately and wanted to see how a vertical view could work.